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I have been working in graphic design for over 25 years, and can offer you and your company my wealth of expertise and experience. Having worked in design in the marketing, publishing and printing forums, my knowledge of the industry is broad. I began as a designer and dark room technician for a printing company and then side-stepped into typesetting and typography, ending up at a publishing house in London. I soon returned to design but was also appointed as a print buyer, probably because of my background in the printing industry. I decided to go solo in 1999, and set myself up as a freelance graphic designer, working mostly in-house for a variety of clients in London. Eventually, I set my self up a studio to work out of. I will still work in-house if required, by my fully equipped studio means that generally there is no need.

My work varies from the basics, such as business cards, through to branding, logo design and exhibition displays. After an initial consultation I can do as little or as much as you require for your design needs, and with my printing background I can take your project through to the finished article. I will always ensure that the printer I select will be the best qualified for your requirements.

If you have a budget you need to stick to, I can ensure that that budget is met, so no scary bills on your door mat! And if you make use of the 10% discount to all new customers (quote CMD10), you can save money while you try us – I'm confident you'll be back!!